How can you talk about “cross-racial” relationships if there’s only one human race?

We believe that there is only one race of humanity and that individuals are biologically and essentially members of one organism. We also recognize the need to  use current language that makes it possible to have a conversation about race. While we use words like “cross-racial” and the terms  Black/African American and White/European American in referring to different groups of the human family, we recognize these as social constructs. It is the goal of the Race Story ReWrite Project to elevate the public discourse on race and encourage us all to affirm our inherent oneness, appreciate the beauty and necessity of our diversity, and acknowledge the role that racial differences play in our society.

Why do you focus so much on Black and White?

The Race Story ReWrite Project focuses on the relationship between White and Black as a prototype for understanding how to create healing, unity and justice between groups that have conceived a story dominated by injustice, pain and disunity. We also know that parallel to the predominant narrative is a story of courage and sacrifice on the part of members of both groups to create a relationship based on equity and love. It is this “other tradition” – the history of Blacks and Whites working together – that our project team members intend to continue. Read more about why we focus on Black and White in our presentations.

What is a “Race Story”?

We all have stories about actual events and racial experiences. Out of those anecdotes we create another story about what the events mean. These are our individual race stories – the things we tell ourselves about the meaning of race. Our collective race story is the result of combining our individual stories and at the same time is the force that shapes them. While we can’t always control our life experiences, we can decide what kind of meaning to make of them. We have the power to choose whether our race stories lead us to further separation or to healing.

What do you mean by “Rewrite”? Doesn’t that word have a negative association?

We’re aware that groups of people have traditionally been disempowered, oppressed, and made invisible by the rewriting of history. Our purpose is not to misrepresent the past but to change the direction our current story is heading. The Race Story ReWrite Project seeks to empower all of us – first to know our true history and its impact on our present situation; next to become aware of the current social narrative about race and how it is perpetuating separation and injustice; and finally to take ownership of our collective race story’s trajectory and to participate in co-authoring a future that is worthy of our nobility.

What are you referring to when you talk about “spirituality”? Is this a religious concept?

By “spiritual” we mean aspects of ourselves and our universe that transcend physical reality. One function of spirituality is the practice of accessing innate capacities of the higher self. In a broad sense, spirituality is motivated by the core beliefs common to all of the world’s major religions.  And while it is often practiced through religious teachings, spirituality is available to everyone, whether or not we are affiliated with a particular religion. We all have the capacity to draw on a transcendent quality of consciousness which, when tapped, allows us to sense and be guided by our highest and noblest self and to be conscious of the sacredness of what our life experience is intended to be – specifically how we are intended to act toward and react to others. Read more about spirituality and how we can call on spiritual power for racial healing.